Monday, March 2, 2015

Tater Tot Horseshoe Sandwich

Horseshoes originated in my hometown of Springfield, IL. They're essentially made up of toast, a burger patty, french fries (I used tater tots!!!), and topped with cheese and tomatoes. They're super tasty, and really filling. 
* 1 Bag of Tater Tots (160z.) 
* 1/2 Lb Ground Beef (to make 2 patties)
* Add-Ins for burger - I used salt, chopped onion, and garlic powder. JalapeƱos also welcome!
* Organic Tomatoes to top 
* Bread for toast (1-2 pieces each)
Cheese Sauce Ingredients 
* 1/2 to 1 C. Farmers Cheese or other mild cheese
* 1 Tbsp corn starch
* 1 can evaporated milk
1.) Preheat oven and bake tatted tots as instructed.
2.) Heat grill, and grill burgers to desired done-ness.
3.) Begin your cheese sauce. In a medium sauce pot, heat all Cheese Sauce Ingredients until thoroughly combined. Season with salt and seasoned salt if desired. Stir Frequently.
4.) When everything is almost done, toast 2-4 pieces of toast.
Place 1-2 pieces of toast on plate, then add burger, tater tots, cheese sauce, and tomatoes!
Fun substitutions can be made by swapping out the burger and adding: Chicken, Bacon, Turkey, and more!

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