Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brewery Review / Restaurant Review - St. Nicholas Brewing Co. DuQuoin, IL

The sunny weather made our visit to St. Nicholas Brewing Co. really lovely today. The brewery is located about a 20 minute drive from Carbondale, in Du Quoin, IL. It is just off the main strip, and is located around the corner from Doc Z's Fitness, which I thought was a perfect fit. 

St. Nicholas Brewing Co. is all brick, inside and out! They opened in August of 2014s, and the building was built in the 1880s, as a hotel. They did a great job renovating the space, opening it up to let lots of light in, creating a very inviting atmosphere, and keeping lots of original and unique details of the old hotel. This place is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.
I liked the Blonde Ale. Super light and not too hoppy. We also tried the Cadence Porter and it's apparently coming home in a growler next time. Only $8 growler refills! 
 We actually all wound up getting burgers! Mine, pictured below, was their Basic Burger on a Pretzel Bun, with a side of Mac N Cheese. YUM! The burger was a teeny bit greasy/drippy, but other than that it tasted really good. The other 2 burgers weren't though. My Mac N Cheese was definitely creamy and had a kind of lighter taste. The potato chip crumble topping was unique and good.
We also got the St. Nick Sweet & Spicy Burger (with parmesan, jalapeƱo, pineapple, and pickle with sweet BBQ sauce), and the Mac & Cheese Burger (topped with Mac!).
Here are the Cadence Porters.
 And, the Blonde Ale. 
 The Brewing Viewing Area
 And, the old brick lined every wall of this airy space. 
 The entrance was very tall, and had this red barn wood at top. Brewing area was on the right.
 So, make sure to check out St. Nicholas Brewing Co. at 12 S. Oak Street in Du Quoin, IL. 

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